Wedding Planning During COVID-19

Wedding planning is stressful enough without a worldwide pandemic. The effects of COVID-19 on the wedding and hospitality industry are unprecedented. We are working closely with our couples to make decisions about when to postpone your wedding and if you need to postpone, how exactly to start.

A Guide to Postponing Your Wedding

If you are in the unfortunate situation of postponing your wedding, this guide will walk you through exactly how to do it.

How to Tell Your Guests

Once you have decided to postpone your wedding, communicating with your guests is important. Remember, your guests’ lives have been turned upside too. They may be worried about traveling to your wedding, may be experiencing a loss of income, or just be worried about gathering in large groups. They will be happy to know that you are thinking about their well being and relieved to know there is a plan. People worry about uncertainty, so communicating your plans with your guests, even if you don’t yet have a new date, will be welcome. This guide walks you through exactly how to communicate your postponement with your wedding guests.

Wedding Planning You Can Do Now During COVID-19 (even if you don’t have a date)

Believe it or not, this COVID-19 stay at home order is a great time to plan your wedding. Click here for wedding planning tasks that you can complete from home with a computer, a phone and your fiancée.

Help! I Have No Idea Where to Start

First, it is OK to feel stressed, disappointed, frustrated, even angry about planning your wedding during these uncertain times. You have been pouring your heart and soul (and your money) into your wedding planning for months. It is completely normal to have all the emotions right now. So cry, yell, eat a pound of chocolate – whatever you need to do to get those negative emotions out. Then, click here to talk with a professional wedding planner who can help you today.  We are available to chat through any details, help you decide whether or not to postpone your wedding, and talk through any sticky situations.

Stay safe, sane and kind!

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